Institutional Planning


To provide precise planning services for leader initiatives and assess outcomes and needs.

 Planning Process

 Area Effectiveness Plans

Area Effectiveness Plans (by Planning Cycle) are the improvement plans for budgeted areas of the

El Paso Community College District and demonstrate Institutional Effectiveness. Each Planning Cycle report consists of plans under the Executive Areas of the College. Each EPCC Administrator reports to one of these seven executive areas. 


Annual Planning Reports by Planning Cycle


 Area Effectiveness Plan Assessments

A documented written response to outcomes (results) from Area Effectiveness Plans that denote how the plan resulted in improvements, challenges that may have arisen during the planning cycle, and expected use of that information to make further improvements and conduct follow-up.

Assessment Reports by Planning Cycle

 Contact Information

Christy C. Frescas

Director, Institutional Planning

Phone: (915) 831-6735

Fax: (915) 831-6747


Mary Ortega

Senior Administrative Associate

Phone: (915) 831-6721

Fax: (915) 831-6747



Administrative Office Assistant

Phone: (915) 831-6722

Fax: (915) 831-6747


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