Institutional Research


To Assist in Decision-Making by Providing Analysis and Reporting in a Timely and Supportive Manner with Accuracy and Accountability

 What is Institutional Research?

The Office of Institutional Research provides accurate and timely information to State and Federal agencies, as well as information dissemination services to residents of our service area and to the College community.

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 Current Graduation, Retention, and Transfer Rates

- Current Graduation Rate (Reported in IPEDS 2016‐2017 Report):


- 4 Year Graduation Rate (Reported in IPEDS 2016-2017): 20%

- Retention Rate (Reported in IPEDS 2016‐2017 Report): 68%

- Transfer Rate (Reported in IPEDS 2016‐2017 Report): 17%


Source: IPEDS Graduation Rates Report 2016‐2017; IPEDS Fall Enrollment Report 2016‐2017

Updated: July 19, 2017


How do I request information from Inst. Research?

Procedure (PDF)

What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and how does it protect my student education records?


What is student directory information?

Procedure (PDF)

How do I request that a survey be conducted by Institutional Research?

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 Request Forms

 Institutional Data

Contains information regarding enrollment, retention, graduation, FTIC, and grade distributions.

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 Fact Books

Contains annual current and comprehensive demographic information that provides a detailed description of our College and the students we serve.

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 Survey Forms and Survey Results

Survey Forms

Contains surveys forms conducted by the Institutional Research.


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Survey Results

Contains surveys results conducted by the Institutional Research.


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 Contact Information

Contains links to personnel in Institutional Research

Additional Contact Information