Institutional Research
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 Message from Director

We are pleased to present the El Paso Community College Office of Institutional Research Web Page. We hope you will find the contents both useful and informative. We invite comments and suggestions that will allow us to improve the Institutional Web Page in the future.

 Institutional Research Activities

  • Ongoing timely data collection.
  • Analysis and dissemination of data.
  • Use of external studies and reports.
  • Design and implementation of internal studies related to students, personnel, facilities, equipment, programs, services and fiscal resources.
  • Development of databases suitable for longitudinal studies and statistical analysis.
  • Related activities in support of planning, evaluation and management.
  • Reports to state and federal agencies.
  • Provide information related to student success, demographics, retention, and licensure.
  • Provide information related to budget planning and enrollment management.
  • Provide necessary information for educational decision-making to college areas and assists EPCC programs/departments in assessing their goals and developing area plans.

 About Institutional Research

Institutional Research is an integral and crucial element in the College's planning and evaluation process. At EPCC, Institutional Research is centralized and operates under the Office of Research, Accreditation & Planning. Research is conducted and used throughout the year in planning and evaluating.

 Types of Evaluations: District Wide

  • CB116 Follow-Up
  • College Climate Survey
  • Community College Survey of Students Engagement (CCSSE)
  • Credit and Language Institute Student Evaluation of Instructor Performance
  • Employer Survey
  • Graduate Exit Form
  • Lab User's Survey
  • Library User's Survey
  • New Student Orientation Evaluation
  • Noel-Levitz Student Survey
  • Non-Credit Instructor Performance Evaluation
  • Program Advisory Committee Survey
  • Student Evaluation of Advisor
  • Student Evaluation of Counselor Performance
  • Student Information Sheet (Demographics)
  • Student Survey of Librarian Instruction
  • Various other surveys (IR also creates custom surveys as requested)