We make television programs for and about and usually at El Paso Community College. Students may see some of our work in classrooms. Staff members may see some of it during meetings. You might spin it off a little silvery disc or even click it onto your monitor from the “Watch” link on this web page.

But, best of all, you can bring us a bright idea and maybe after a while show it to whomever you think ought to see it. Then you can point at the screen and say, “I thought that up!” Or, “I wrote that!” Or, “That’s MY show!” And if we did our jobs well, it will be.

 Watch EPCC TV Programs

You can watch many of our video programs on the EPCC TV Youtube channel by visiting the following link:

 TV Guidelines

Click here to read about how to get started planning the video program you always wanted (us) to make.


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