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Teleconferences offer cost-effective, high quality and dynamic learning opportunities without having to leave your local community. Satellite broadcasts are live and you often have the opportunity to fax or call in questions.


Most teleconferences are free; however, some programs require a licensing fee. Arrangements can be made for instructors who wish to have their students attend. Most programs are also recorded for later viewing. We routinely receive satellite downlinks from: 


 The US Department of Education

The US Department of Education broadcasts teleconferences for the purpose of educating faculty and staff members of colleges all across the country. They produce streaming video, teleconferences and TV broadcasting programs. Below is a list of broadcast dates and program titles. All programs are one hour long and begin at 6 pm.


Teleconference 2007 Schedule




No Child Left Behind: Student Achievement on the Rise


Drop Out Prevention: Helping Students Get on Track for Success


Math Education: Preparing Students to Succeed in the Knowledge Economy


Early Childhood Education: Good Start, Grow Smart


High Performing Teachers: Leading Students to Success in the 21st Century


Community Service and volunteering: Learning Through Character and Civic Development

 The Texas Library and Archives Commission

The Texas Library and Archives Commission presents a series of programs produced by the College of DuPage Press. These programs provide timely, relevant information for library staff and professionals alike. DuPage produces and delivers professional development programs (Soaring to Excellence & Library Challenges and Opportunities) for librarians and has won numerous prizes for its publications and programs. Librarians can use the following link to fill out an online form for a certificate of completion.


Here is a list of up coming programs for 2007:


Teleconference/Webinar 2008 Schedule




10-11:30 am


People Watching With A Purpose: Meeting Needs Before They Need It

10-11:30 am


Library Spaces: Future Needs

10-11:30 am


Trends, Fads or Folly: Spotting the Library Trends That Really Matter

10-11:30 am


Library Challenges and Opportunities... Into the Future

 College of DuPage

College of DuPage Press is a publisher of college instructional materials, including books, manuals, computer software, instructional simulations, and educational games.

Its Library Learning Network annually produces and delivers (by satellite downlink and webinar) development and policy programs for librarians.

The recipient of numerous prizes for excellence of its publications and programs, College of DuPage Press is proud of the work of its faculty members and staff.