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The STARLINK Training Network is its nineteenth year of providing innovative ideas, cutting-edge experts, and state-of-the-art training to higher education professionals via the Internet. As an agency of the Texas Association of Community Colleges, STARLINK offers cost-effective, high quality and dynamic learning opportunities to educational institutions, governmental agencies, and other public entities. The STARLINK network currently provides over 100 hours of professional development programming annually to 140 member colleges and universities in twenty-four states and Canada. Plus, through the U.S. Military and embassies we provide training in 22 countries around the world. In addition, hundreds more schools license our programs on an individual basis.

The State of Texas Academic Resource Link (STARLINK) was established in 1989 with an initial three-year Perkins State Leadership grant awarded to the Dallas Community College District (DCCCD) and the Austin Community College (ACC) jointly by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. STARLINK was designed to provide professional development for technical faculty via one-way video and two-way audio live satellite-based programming. It began as a network of 54 community and technical colleges receiving these video teleconferences.

STARLINK has won numerous national and regional awards for quality programming over its lifetime. Just a few of the latest include the 2005 Award for Innovative Excellence from the National Council for Staff, Organization, and Professional Development and the 2006 Excellence in Teleconferencing Award from the National University Telecommunications Network. Starlink was honored in two 2007 international TV/film competitions, the Aegis Award and the Aurora Gold Award.

El Paso Community College’s STARLINK membership includes:

-Leadership Series: Webcasts promoting leadership and success for the entire college community.
-Members Only: This are previously broadcasted material shown on a monthly schedule.


STARLINK satellite broadcasts, videotapes, and streaming videos are copyrighted and intended solely for use by employees of member and licensed institutions. Use by any other individual or organization is prohibited by law unless written consent is obtained from STARLINK.