Centralized Training Repository

 What is the Centralized Training Repository (CTR)?

EPCC’s Centralized Training Repository (CTR) is a comprehensive collection of all employees training development. It was specifically designed to house all training records and to consolidate employee training into one document. The CTR stores information about many of the workshops employee have attended at EPCC. Training Records are available to current EPCC employees in a form of a training transcript. A training transcript is available for tenure packets, academic applications, employee evaluations, and job applications.


 Submitting Training Documentation

All training materials may be submitted for inclusion into the centralized training repository. Department training documentation must be submitted to the CTR by the EPCC employee who organized or conducted the training. Documentation should be mailed to the Centralized Training Repository (CTR) at Valle Verde (VV) campus. Original sign-in sheets are needed for processing. Please do not submit sign-in sheets with social security numbers. The appropriate sign-in sheet is available in the forms section of this site. Forward completed form (do not use your social security number) with appropriate attachments and signatures to the Centralized Training Repository (CTR) at the VV campus.


 Request Training Transcripts

Employees may request a copy of their transcript in one of two ways from CTR staff. 

  1. In person - an official ID is needed to release the transcript.
  2. Via email - (ctr@epcc.edu) requests should be made using the employees EPCC Outlook account. Request should include Banner User Name and Employee ID number (do not use your social security number). Transcript will be provided via e-mail in PDF format. 

Note: No phone request will be accepted.


Supervisors may request their employees training transcript via e-mail.
Request must come from the supervisor’s e-mail to include name,
title, contact phone, email address; statement that he/she is the
direct supervisor of the following employee(s) for whom transcripts
are being requested, and a list of employee names and ID numbers
(do not use social security numbers).


Non-Employees transcripts are not available.


Administrators may request training data reports for grants, accreditation, or administrative purposes. Reports should be requested early to allow for compilation and completion. Please contact the CTR staff to get more information.



 Contact Information


  • Information inquiries
  • Transcript requests


Adrian Barquin

VV Campus, Rm C201

Phone no. 831-2013



Eugene Navarro

VV Campus, Rm C201

Phone no. 831-2013



Nancy Gamez,

Media Services Center, Director

VV Campus, Rm C202

Phone no. 831-2120



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 Request for EPCC transcript

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