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 Outlook/Exchange E-Mail Quota

The EPCC IT Division has implemented Outlook/Exchange E-Mail Quotas (Mailbox Size Limits), district wide. Outlook/Exchange E-Mail quotas impact all mailbox accounts, including service or departmental accounts.

What is an E-Mail quota?
A quota is the maximum amount of disk storage allotted to your Outlook/Exchange account. All Outlook/Exchange accounts will receive a default storage limit of 250 Megabytes. Although everyone will be given a 250 Megabytes storage limit, account holders are encouraged to keep their mailboxes under 100 Megabytes to ensure best performance. The following items in your Outlook/Exchange account contribute to the quota:


  • E-Mail in the mailbox and cabinet folders
  • Attachments
  • Sent Items
  • Calendar entries
  • Address books
  • Trash that has not been emptied
  • To do list items
  • Reminder notes
  • Phone messages
  • Shared Address Books and Folders for the owner
  • Everything under the Mailbox – "Your Name"

Who does this impact?

The Outlook/Exchange disk quota impacts all mailbox accounts, including service or departmental accounts.

What size is the mailbox quota?

All Outlook/Exchange accounts receive a default storage limit of 250MBytes. Account holders are encouraged to stay within 100MB of disk quota to ensure best performance. Additional disk space can be requested if needed.

What happens if I exceed my mailbox quota?

When you are near your quota you will begin receiving warning messages. After you have exceeded your quota you will no longer be able to send and receive messages until you have cleaned out your mailbox.

How do I request an exception to the quota and receive more disk space?

Instructions to request an increase in your mailbox size can be found here.

Questions should be directed to the EPCC Help Desk at 831-6440.