IT Help Desk

 Microsoft Outlook/Exchange

The Information Technology Division is pleased to announce that the college’s e-mail system (Microsoft Outlook / Exchange) was upgraded over the winter break. As part of the update, your mailbox quota has been increased by 25%!

To help you find and use many of these new features, the Technology Resource Center has designed a new Quick Reference Guide.

OWA 2007 (Outlook Web Access) is the web-based version of Outlook that many employees use to access their e-mail accounts from home or anywhere utilizing a web browser such as Internet Explorer. An Online Tutorial that explains some of the new features of OWA 2007 is available here.

Some of the new OWA 2007 features:

  • Your frequent recipient email addresses will automatically appear as you start to type their name, just click the right one to add it quickly. Best of all, the recipient auto complete cache is stored on the OWA server so you can use this feature on any computer, even when you are traveling.
  • Now you can easily and quickly check your mailbox size and usage. Simply hover over your mailbox name and a tool tip message will show your maximum allowed mailbox size and current usage. Also, when your mailbox is approaching it’s quota, a notification shows up automatically when your mailbox is close to being full.
  • Find that person quickly with the new search of the global and personal address books. Check it out!
  • Create folders quickly without the tedious dialog boxes. Just right-click and create!
  • Drag and drop calendar entries to quickly change dates/times. No more open, change the information, save and close!
  • Distribution lists are easily accessed in any contact folder, not just the main one.
  • Out of Office Assistant has improved and you can automatically have it turn on/off.
  • Want to know if someone is available for a meeting? Access their information or use the Scheduling Assistant to make it easier.
  • Do you have delegate access to someone else’s mailbox? Accessing their email and calendar is now simple and quick.
  • Do you have a dialup connection? Use OWA Lite. Less features but far quicker access for those simple tasks.
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files can be viewed easily even if you don’t have the viewer or the software. Simply click open as web page next to the attachment name. No more saving to the computer just to look at them!

Questions should be directed to the EPCC Help Desk at 831-6440.