IT Help Desk

 Work Requests

The IT Help Desk is the central point of contact for repair of all PCs, monitors, printers, network or other computer peripheral system problems. These problems are logged into Manage Engine, our online Work Request Tracking System. The procedure for placing a work request is as follows:

NEW: We have recently implemented a new Remote Assistance service. This allows us to view your computer remotely to solve many problems immediately. This service is entirely voluntary and we do NOT have the ability to view or control your computer without your permission. Once your problem has been solved; the technician will disconnect from your computer and can no longer view or control your computer without receiving your permission again. If the technician cannot resolve your problem with remote assistance then the work request will be assigned to a technician at your location for a personal visit.

 Submitting a Work Request

It is strongly preferred that the primary user of the unit having a problem calls the IT Help Desk at 831-6440 personally. This is to provide both the user and the IT Help Desk with the best chance at resolving the problem without having to send a technician. It is exceedingly difficult to troubleshoot an issue with a second or third party attempting to translate the problem from another source. You may also email your request to:

While attempting to troubleshoot the problem, the IT Help Desk may ask the user to reboot their PC. Many errors users encounter are minor, temporary and easily resolved with a simple reboot. User compliance with this measure is critical in ensuring that problems not requiring the presence of a PC technician are filtered out.

To expedite the Work Request process, the user must have the following information when calling in a request:


  • An EPCC E-mail Address (the work request number for their request is e-mailed to that address.)
  • First/Last Name
  • EPCC Phone Number
  • Campus
  • Department
  • Room Number
  • EPCC Tag number for the unit affected
  • Unit Type / Model (for Warranty Purposes)
  • A detailed description of the problem


Once this information is input by the IT Help Desk, the request will be assigned to the technician on duty at that campus. Some campuses have more than one technician assigned and the work requests will be distributed evenly between them. Multiple requests (up to five requests) in the same room will be assigned to one technician, with other incoming requests being distributed to the other technicians.



Also, you can place a work request yourself via Manage Engine, our tracking system, by visiting:

 Warranty Request

A warranty request must first be verified by a technician before being sent to the respective warranty company. After verification the technician will submit the request to the appropriate warranty company. This procedure will bypass the IT Help Desk to further expedite the process.