Information Technology Division

 Wireless Network

Students, Faculty, and Staff can now access the Internet with their wireless equipped devices at the five main EPCC campuses including Valle Verde, Rio Grande, Transmountain, Northwest, Mission del Paso, plus the Administrative Service Center.

EPCC has now installed over eighty (80) Wireless Access Points across the district. The wireless network gives users the ability to surf the web and check e-mail with wireless laptop computers equipped with 802.11b/g compatible network cards from anywhere on campus, including classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, lounging areas, etc. Because of the fact that wireless networks are based on radio frequency (RF) technology, many things can impact your ability to connect to the network and the connection speeds that you may be able to obtain. Things such as your proximity to an Access Point, the number of simultaneous users, metal obstructions, etc. will all impact performance.

The EPCC Wireless Network requires Students, Faculty, and Staff to logon with their network UserID and Password. Wireless Gateway devices were installed that allow the deployment of network security and assigning access rights based on a wireless user’s UserID or Role.

To logon to the wireless network you must first open up your Internet web browser. You will be redirected to a logon page where you will be asked to accept a security certificate which will be used to encrypt your UserID and Password. After you have accepted the certificate, you must enter your credentials to logon to the network.

If you are a member of the college, you should use the Authentication Type “EPCC User Database” and enter the UserID and Password that has already been assigned to you:

  • For faculty and staff, this will be the UserID and Password that you use to logon to your computer and access your Outlook/Exchange e-mail account.
  • For students, the username will be your campus computer username. Your password will be the password that is used to log into campus computers. If you do not know your username and password please take a picture ID and go to the ACS computer lab on your campus.
  • Guest access is provided as a courtesy to community users. Guests should select “Guests” as the Authentication Type, and must enter a valid e-mail address as their username and the word "guest" as the password. Guest Users have limited bandwidth and limited access to college resources.

After your initial logon, you will be required to accept the EPCC Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy which provides very important information about the rules of use and the behavior required of users of the wireless network. This policy is an abbreviation of the full Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) published as EPCC Procedure in the EPCC Policies and Associated Procedure .pdf file on the Administration Page of the College website. Finally, after you have accepted the AUP you will be logged on to the wireless network and a web page will open that will provide information about your session and will have a button which gives you the ability to logoff. If you close this web page or forget to expressly logoff, your session will timeout after the time period specified on this page.

Please be aware that access to the wireless network is intended primarily for Internet browsing. After your initial logon, data transmitted on the wireless network is not encrypted, and therefore it is not intended for, and cannot be used to access secure information on the college's private network. You should take care when accessing resources that do not support HTTPS web encryption as this traffic could potentially be captured by other wireless network users. You are also strongly encouraged to make sure that you have up-to-date antivirus software and a personal firewall installed.

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 831-6440 should you have problems using the EPCC Wireless Network or if you are aware of any areas that need additional wireless coverage.