Information Technology Division

 Voice Over IP (VoIP)

EPCC has begun installing VoIP (Voice Over IP) telephone equipment as part of its strategy to update the older voice technology currently in place at the College. Traditional voice systems use expensive hardware called PBX (Private Branch Exchanges), which switch and route phone calls. These systems are proprietary in nature, so adding third-party equipment or software can be costly or impossible. These systems also require a separate cabling/wiring infrastructure to connect each telephone set.

VoIP is a standards-based technology that uses the College’s data network to transmit and receive voice telephone calls. The advantage of this approach is that the infrastructure that already exists for the College’s data network can be used to carry voice traffic as well. Because the technology is based on standards, and because the data network and voice network are closely tied together, there are many third-party applications which take advantage of the integration between voice and data. Maintaining the system is easier because only one cabling/wiring infrastructure is required, and “Adds, Moves and Changes” on the telephone network are greatly simplified. The new system will work in conjunction with the existing telephone system and will be phased in at each of the campuses in the future.