Information Security


El Paso Community College is committed to protecting information resources that are critical to its academic mission as well as preserving an environment that encourages collaboration through the responsible use of information technology resources.

Everyone at El Paso Community College has a responsibility for proper handling and protection of confidential information and responsible use of information technology.

The Information Security Office is your source for information security issues, we are here to help.


The mission of the Information Security Office is to foster a safe computing environment by assisting the EPCC community in protecting the confidentiality, the integrity, and the availability of information resources.

By working with the EPCC community, the Information Security office will:

  • Advance the awareness that information security is the responsibility of everyone.
  • Work toward ensuring all applicable regulations regarding the security of information are followed.
  • Perform risk assessments of department workflows and data and manage identified threats through mitigation strategies.
  • Team with EPCC’s data owners, experts in the field, and industry leaders to understand the current and future threats to information.
  • Develop and update the policies, procedures, and guidelines necessary to ensure the confidentiality, the integrity, and the availability of EPCC’s information resources.

 InfoSec How To

InfoSec BanAcc FacCred 201509.pdfInfoSec BanAcc FacCred 201509Banner Access: Faculty Credentials
InfoSec BanAcc PurReq 201802.pdfInfoSec BanAcc PurReq 201802Banner Access: Purchase Requisitions
InfoSec Encrypt Adobe 201712.pdfInfoSec Encrypt Adobe 201712Encryption: Adobe Pro File
InfoSec Encrypt Excel 201712.pdfInfoSec Encrypt Excel 201712Encryption: GradeBook (Excel)
InfoSec Encrypt Word 201712.pdfInfoSec Encrypt Word 201712Encryption: MS Word File

 Procedures & Handbook


  • Jorge Santiesteban, Administrative Assistant
  • Cheryl Bowman, ERP Security Analyst
  • Dr. Jenny Girón, Interim Chief Information Security Officer, VP, IT/CIO