Information Security

 Information Security Standards

The Password Standard applies to computer, network, Banner and Library Server access.
Protecting Your Password Standard (PDF)

Review this presentation to learn password basics!
Your Password, Your Identity, Your Privacy (PPT)

Server hardening and configuration specifications for Microsoft Windows servers.
Server Security Standard  (PDF)

Read the rules for maintenance, expansion and use of the EPCC network infrastructure.
Network Configuration Standard (PDF)

This EPCC Network Access applies to all individuals with access to any EPCC Information Resource

Network Access Standard (PDF)

All employees must be aware of what EPCC information can be disclosed to non-employees. EPCC information represents the business operations of the College and may be sensitive to the institution or personal about individuals; therefore, everyone must be knowledgeable about the information they handle or can access..

Information Sensitivity Standard (PDF)

Instruction detection is an important part of the overall information security program and critical to Information Assurance.

Intrusion Detection Standard (PDF)