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 Information Security Reading Room

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. - Educause

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SANS Reading Room
SANS is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and certification in the world. It also develops, maintains, and makes available at no cost, the largest collection of research documents about various aspects of information security, and it operates the Internet's early warning system - Internet Storm Center. The SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. - SANS

Computer Security Resource Center of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Computer Security Resource Center of the National Institute of Standards and Technology - The Computer Security Division (CSD) - (893) is one of eight divisions within NIST's Information Technology Laboratory.

The mission of NIST's Computer Security Division is to improve information systems security by:


  • Raising awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilities and protection requirements, particularly for new and emerging technologies;
  • Researching, studying, and advising agencies of IT vulnerabilities and devising techniques for the cost-effective security and privacy of sensitive Federal systems;
  • Developing standards, metrics, tests and validation programs:
    - to promote, measure, and validate security in systems and services
    - to educate consumers and
    - to establish minimum security requirements for Federal systems
  • Developing guidance to increase secure IT planning, implementation, management and operation.
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