Information Security

 Administrative Banner Request Instructions

Request Purpose
Select the reason why you're submitting this request: Update Account- This is for a Banner account that already exists; you just need to make some updates to it.

Create New Account
This is for someone who has never had a Banner account before.


Reactivate Account

This is for someone who had their account disabled in the past, but now needs it enabled. This is typical for employees who transfer to another department.


Disable Account (Dept. Transfer)

This is for someone who is transferring to another department.

Disable Account (Termination)

This is for someone who is no longer working for EPCC.


Update Class/Form Information

This is for updating only class or form information; no Banner accounts need to be updated.

Point Of Contact
Input the name of the person who should be the first person notified if questions arise with the request. This could also be someone who is filling out a request on behalf of other personnel. If the point of contact is the supervisor or administrator, you don't have to fill out the 'Point Of Contact' section; simply check the checkbox labeled 'Contact Supervisor/Administrator'. The Point Of Contact is useful for supervisors or administrators who approve a request, but don't want to be bothered with issues that can be handled at the lower department levels. For security purposes, we request that the Point Of Contact be at least a team leader of the department.

Banner Account Information

Input the information of the personnel that need their Banner accounts updated. The Employee ID and Banner Username are the most important information in processing the request faster. You can add up to 5 personnel. If you need to add more personnel, use page 2 of the Administrative Banner request form.

Clone Account Information

If you have someone that needs an Administrative Banner account, find out if there is someone else within your department that has the same job duties that the new employee will perform. That someone else's Banner account can be the clone account. All of the classes and forms for the clone account will be copied to the new employee's account. Another way of looking at it: If John needs the same level of access in Banner as Jane, input Jane's Banner account information in the 'Clone Account Information' section. John will then receive the same Banner settings as Jane.

Production Database

This is the LIVE database and contains the most current information. Only personnel that have experience using Administrative Banner and does work that affects student and employee information should be allowed access.

Test Databases

These are test databases that are used to test new programs, forms, tables, and other objects. Information modified in the test databases is NOT live and does NOT affect the EPCC database.

Basic Banner Access (for new accounts)

Check this box if the Banner account needs basic access only.

Class Name

A class is a group of forms. Instead of listing several forms, please list the class that the Banner account needs to be apart of. Check the Banner classes of other personnel in your department to determine which classes are available. If you want to add some forms to a Banner account, first determine if those forms can be added to a class instead. Contact your Data Systems Manager (DSM) or Data Owner (Administrator) for more information on which classes relate to your department.

Class Options

Contact your Data Systems Manager (DSM) or Data Owner (Administrator) to determine who is authorized to update class information Add Account To Class- The Banner account will be added to the class Remove Account From Class- The Banner account will be removed from the class Update Forms Within Class- The forms within this class will be updated Create Class, Update Forms- A new class will be created and forms will be updated within the class

Form Name

A form is a screen that allows you to view and change information in Banner. Again, where applicable, if the personnel needs access to a form, consider assigning them to a class instead of to a form.

*If you have several forms you need to update within a class, consider using page 2 of the Banner request.

Form Options

Contact your Data Systems Manager (DSM) or Data Owner (Administrator) to determine who is authorized to allow users to access certain forms. Query- Allows user to see information within the form, but can't make any changes Modify- Allows user to see AND make changes to the information within the form Remove Account Access- The Banner account will not have access to the form Create Form Name, Set To Query- This is for new forms that need to be created in Banner Create Form Name, Set To Modify- This is for new forms that need to be created in Banner Remove Form From Class- The form will be removed from the class


This is the person you report to directly.


This is the owner of the data within the forms, typically a director, dean, or VP of the department.