Academic Computing Services


Don’t know your User Name?


  1. Please visit the ACS labs so our staff can provide further assistance.

How to login to a Lab PC?


  1. In order to ensure a successful logon into an ACS lab PC, follow these steps:
  2. Your EPCC E-MAIL ID is your Username.
  3. Your password will be either your PIN (EP-ONLINE REGISTRATION) or birthdate (EP-mmddyy). Note: We highly recommend changing your password for security purposes.
  4. If you have any questions logging onto the workstation, please see an ACS lab assistant for additional assistance.
  5. Be sure to LOG OFF when you finish.

Did You Know?


  1. ACS labs have 1,000 brand-new PC’s with powerful CPU and increased memory.
  2. The labs are equipped with 66 cutting-edge printers for use.
  3. Each lab is equipped with additional peripherals such as scanners.
  4. There are seven computer labs throughout the district.