Human Resources


Employment Verification:
Contact Francie Juarez:
(915) 831-6470 

Request must be done in writing stating employee name, ID# or SSN, along with the information requested (dates, titles, salary, etc.) If letterhead is required, pick-up must be done in person. Process takes 24 hours from the time request is received.

 Policies and Procedures

The policies, followed by their associated procedures, if any, are in a single document. To find a policy and to go straight to it, you may click on the icon "Show/Hide Navigation Pane" on the toolbar within Acrobat Reader; at the left of the screen, will appear the vertical outline of bookmarks, which constitute a directory of the policies.


Clicking on one of the bookmarks will take you to a policy. You may also click on the black binoculars and type in a key word to locate a subject in either the policies or procedures.

Policies and Procedures

Questions about College Policies and Procedures? click on the following link:

Institutional Effectiveness