Honors Program

Honors Program Agreement with UTEP

El Paso Community College and the University of Texas at El Paso share mutual interests regarding the availability and quality of higher education in West and Southwest Texas. There is further shared interest in issues of access to higher education for all groups of Texans to ensure a viable and strong future in the higher education environment for all that choose to participate. This Honors Articulation Agreement is between El Paso Community College District, hereinafter called EPCC, and the University of Texas at El Paso, hereinafter called UTEP.

General Scope

EPCC provides course work at the freshman and sophomore levels for students in the El Paso community and the surrounding area. This course work leads to various certificates and associate degrees. UTEP offers courses of study leading to baccalaureate, master, and doctoral degrees. The purpose of this Honors Articulation Agreement is to provide guidelines and areas of responsibility that will ensure that student completing courses in the Honors Program at both EPCC and UTEP will be able to transfer those courses without loss of credit or recognition for requirements within the Honors Program.

EPCC and UTEP jointly agree to work together to further the opportunity and access to respective Honors Programs by qualified students through the following cooperative efforts and ventures:

  • EPCC and UTEP will cooperate in the development of parallel Honors Program offerings that will facilitate the transfer of credits between institutions.

  • The EPCC Honors Program coordinator and UTEP Honors Program director will be responsible for the continued updating and sharing of information regarding program development, course development, and special activities related to the Honors Program at each institution.

  • The EPCC Honors Program coordinator and UTEP Honors Program director will exchange visits at least once per academic year. Faculty and/or students participating in the Honors Program may accompany them on such visits.

  • The EPCC Honors Program coordinator and UTEP Honors Program director will assist students in the transition between EPCC and UTEP Honors Programs. This may involve assisting the student in application for scholarships and in Honors Program registration.

  • The UTEP Honors Program director agrees to prepare a general report on the progress of EPCC Honors Program transfer students, as far as possible, to be provided to the EPCC Honors Program coordinator.

  • This agreement may be amended at any time or may be terminated by either party by providing one year's written notice.

Transfer of Credits

This document provides a mechanism to enable students who have completed Honors Program courses at either EPCC or UTEP to be granted Honors credit by articulating. The conditions of this Honors Articulating Agreement were formulated through meetings with representatives from both institutions and based on agreement of evaluation for transfer of Honor's credits must be made on an individual basis.

Under this agreement, the following conditions will apply:

  • The student must meet all EPCC or UTEP admissions requirements and be officially enrolled in EPCC, UTEP, or concurrently enrolled to be eligible for Honors credit through articulation.

  • The student must have initiated an official application for admission into the EPCC or UTEP Honors Program.

  • The UTEP Honors Program director and the EPCC Honors Program coordinator will be responsible for evaluating official transcripts and recommending. Honors articulation credit towards Honors Certificates or Degrees whether or not courses transfer as directly equivalent courses.

  • The student must have successfully completed specified courses and received a grade of "B" or better for Honors articulated credit to be awarded.

  • A biennial review of this agreement to evaluate any changes in competencies, content, or standards will occur.

  • This Honors Articulation Agreement shall be filed with the Records and Admissions Offices, with the Honors Program director/coordinator and with the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at UTEP and with the Vice President of Instruction and the Associate Vice President of Instructional Services at EPCC.