Physical Therapist Assistant

 Physical Therapist Assistant

Promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing injury, designing exercise programs, reducing pain, or helping someone re-learn how to sit-up, walk, run or jump again; these are just a few of the skills a graduate from the Physical Therapist Assistant program can do. Whether you like to work with children, young adults or the elderly, in school districts, home health, private physical therapy clinics, hospitals, the classroom or for a traveling physical therapy company, there is a life-long career waiting for you.

The Physical Therapist Assistant works directly under the supervision of the Physical Therapist in a variety of work environments.

While published in the college catalog as a two year integrated program, Health Occupations Specialized Admissions Procedures require students to compete for placement into all Health Occupation programs. Students competing for the 16 PTAP seats will be required to complete the cognate courses prior to acceptance into the PTA program. Once admitted into the PTA program by the Office of Admission, the program can be completed in less than 2 years.

For More Information Contact:

Debra Tomacelli-Brock, PT, MS, DPT

Instructional Coordinator

(915) 831-4172


Salary Range
El Paso: $38,387 - $46,763
State of TX: $45,617 - $55,571

Career Ladder Mobility
Doctoral Degree

Duration of program
2 year - Associate Program

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