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 Pharmacy Technology

Pharmacy Technologists are eligible to work in hospitals, retail and home health pharmacies. Under the supervision of a pharmacist, the pharmacy technician is involved directly with: 


  • Medication distribution
  • Utilizes extensive computer skills
  • Assists with controlled substance inventory
  • Prepares intravenous admixtures
  • Parental nutrition products
  • Handles chemotherapeutic agents
  • Prepares nonsterile medical products.


Technicians are also responsibility for product packaging services, purchasing and inventory management and are involved in pharmacy satellite services. 


For More Information Contact:

Nader Rassei, MD

RG, Room B308 A

(915) 831-4490


Salary Range
El Paso: $24,388 - $30,169
State of TX: $28,981 - $35,851


Career Ladder Mobility
Certification by examination is offered three times throughout the year by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Duration of program
1 year – Certificate of Completion
2 year - Associate Program

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