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EPCC Health Literacy program in partnership with the Paso del Norte Health Foundation sponsored the first annual Health Literacy Conference on October 23rd and 24th, 2006. On October 23rd Health Professionals participated in a one day workshop with Helen Osborne, founder and president of Health Literacy Consulting in Boston, Massachusetts.


Ms. Osborne explained what Health Literacy was and its impact on treatment and care. Participants explored ways to improve health communication between health providers and patients. Potential strategies are short sentences, metaphors, pictographs, and stories. 


On October 24th the workshop was open to anyone in the El Paso community. Ms. Osborne facilitated an open discussion on “Ways to Talk to Your Doctor.” Participants learned tips and ideas to provide better communication with their health care providers. 


Health Literacy Announcement


  • Grant funded by Paso Del Norte Health Foundation 


  • Grant conducted by EPCC Health Occupations Division

Health Literacy News 



Health Literacy News