Grants Management Office


Please Note: Before attempting to access, complete, or submit any E-Grant Applications on behalf of EPCC, you must secure approval from EPCC's Grants Management Office.

Virtually all government agencies, corporations, and foundations now require that grant applications be completed electronically. In the more simple cases, the application is converted to adobe pdf files and transmitted by e-mail. In most cases, however, organizations must first complete a registration process with the funder before an e-application can be submitted. Once successfully registered, the desired application module can be accessed. Following the funder's instructions, some application information is typed directly into the module, while other information, usually in the form of text files, is uploaded to the module. When completed, a validation check is run; following which the application can be submitted.


All El Paso Community College grant applications, including electronic, must be submitted through the Grants Management Office (GMO). The Grant Summary and Authorization (GS&A) approved by the College President provides the authority for GMO to submit the application. The GMO has ensured that the College is registered in all of the commonly used e-grant systems. GMO staff are fully knowledgeable about e-grant requirements, including formats and file protocols. When required, GMO staff will register College faculty and staff as Principal Investigators (PIs) or to serve in other capacities (co-PI, signing official, account manager, etc.). This leaves faculty and staff free to concentrate on the substantive elements of the application.


With rare exception and regardless of the funding agency, all federal applications must now be submitted through Grants.Gov. Under this system, the applicant locates the particular application module on the Grants.Gov site and downloads it to the applicant's computer. It is then completed and submitted back to Grants.Gov. In order to avoid problems with multiple applications the "official" application for the College is the one downloaded, maintained, and finally submitted by the GMO.


Presently, the National Science Foundation (NSF) allows applications to be submitted through either Grants.Gov or NSF's Fastlane system. If the application is a collaborative one with another applicant institution, then it must be submitted through Fastlane. If Fastlane is used, the registered Fastlane PI must initially access the application module and subsequently authorize access by the GMO, including the ability to submit. With Fastlane, the module remains on and is accessed at the NSF Fastlane site (not downloaded). Note that NSF is in the process of migrating its e-application to Research.Gov.


Before applications for U.S. Public Health programs (including the National Institutes of Health) can be submitted through Grants.Gov, the PI and Co-PIs must be registered in the eRA Commons system. The GMO can initiate that registration process. Further, upon submission to Grants.Gov, these applications are immediately migrated to the Commons where they are subject to further validation and possible rejection for errors. Close e-mail monitoring immediately after submission is strongly recommended for these applications.


For additional information regarding E-Applications, please contact GMO staff.

*Please click on the links below to access additional, more common E-Grant systems used by EPCC.

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National Science Foundation - Fast lane system, requires prior registration of Principle Investigator (PI) (moving to

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