Grants Management Office


Please Note: Before attempting to access, complete, or submit any E-Grant Applications on behalf of EPCC, you must secure approval from EPCC's Grants Management Office.

Most government agencies, corporations and foundations are now requiring that grant applications be completed and filed on line. Eventually, virtually all applications will be completed and submitted using the funder's electronic submission system. In fact, the U.S. Congress has mandated that all federal agencies implement a system that will permit applicants to electronically apply for, and report on the use of funds from the federal financial assistance programs administered by the agency (P.L. 106-107, 11/20/1999)

All e-grant systems function basically the same way. After accessing the program's application site and selecting the desired program, the applicant fills out the required application forms on line, except the system require the package be downloaded and completed on your own computer. The application's narrative parts are completed off-line using standard word processing software, and these files are then uploaded to the application module. When all parts of the application are completed, a "submit" button is pressed. The system will then usually check for errors or incomplete parts, and notify the applicant of any deficiencies that need to be corrected before the submission will be accepted. If there are no deficiencies, the applicant will then almost immediately receive a notification of receipt. In some cases, the applicant's Authorized Agency Representative (AOR), the President in the case of EPCC, will be required to electronically sign the application as part of submission (using his or her assigned password). In the alternative, a copy of the application cover page, signed by the AOR, must be faxed, usually within five business days following electronic submission.

Some systems are very simple. The applicant downloads the application package, completes the forms, adds the narrative text, and e-mails the completed application back to the funding source. Other systems, however, are much more complicated. In some cases, just setting up the organization in the system involves many steps and can take several days. It is important therefore, that applicant's allow sufficient time to complete these processes so that the actual application can be submitted by the deadline date and time. Fortunately, EPCC's Grants Management Office has already set the College up in most of these systems, but check on this early in the process.

With regard to grant application requirements for federal agencies, it is critical that you carefully review the Request for Proposals (RFP) and/or the agency's application package. Although all federal agencies will eventually use the Grants.Gov system, several agencies are continuing to use their own e-grant systems. Make sure that the application is developed and submitted exactly as required in the RFP/Application Package. Be sure to consult with EPCC's Grants Management Office as early as possible when considering an available grant program.

*Please click on the links below to access additional, more common E-Grant systems used by EPCC.

Grants - Will eventually be used by all federal agencies

U.S. Department of Education - Usually (but may require use of Fed Grants/Apply)

National Science Foundation - Fast lane system, requires prior registration of Principle Investigator (PI) (moving to

U.S. Department of Justice - System utilized by the Office of Justice Programs

Texas Education Agency (TEA) - Requires advance user registration

National Institutes of Health

Others will be added in the future as necessary.