Unlike scholarships and grants, loans must be repaid. Educational loans are usually subsidized, and therefore have more favorable terms than consumer loans. However, because they must be repaid, you should borrow no more than necessary.

William D. Ford Direct Loan Program

Application Process

Direct Loan Process


Automatic Direct Loan Disqualification

EPCC Default Management Plan

Direct Loan Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling Guide

 William D. Ford Direct Loan Program

Congress passed the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. Effective July 1, 2010, private lenders will no longer be able to originate new loans under the Federal Family Education Loan program (FFELP). The William D. Ford Direct Loan Program allows students to borrow loan funds directly from the Federal Government.


Up to this point, EPCC has been participating in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program in which our students chose a lender to fund their Stafford Loans. In order to better serve our students, EPCC is moving forward with this Direct Loan initiative starting Summer 2010.


All Direct Loans are either subsidized (the government pays the interest while you're in school) or unsubsidized (the student pays all the interest). To receive a Direct Loan, students must complete a FAFSA, must be enrolled at least 1/2 time (6 credit hours), must demonstrate a calculated need, must meet EPCC's Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria and must attend a pre-loan counseling session each academic year.


 Application Process

Attend an entrance counseling session:

Before EPCC disburses your Federal Direct Loan, regulations require that you complete an entrance counseling session. The counseling session provides information about how to manage your student loans, both during and after college. Entrance sessions last approximately 2 hours.


You will be required to:


  • Register online;
  • Sign in to acknowledge attendance;
  • Be prepared to present a valid picture ID;
  • Bring a pen (black or blue ink); 
  • Arrive no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time;
  • Remain for the entire session.


Select a session that is convenient for your schedule and please be prompt. If you arrive late you will be asked to attend another session. Please do not bring children to the sessions. 




Attention all Students


You must fill out the Federal Direct Loan Registration Form in order to attend an entrance counseling session.



Please Note: All fields are required in order to process your registration successfully.  


Federal Direct Loan Registration Form 


At the end of entrance counseling session, you must turn in all of your paperwork given at the session and continue with the loan process listed below (steps 1 and 2 below) on the date and time provided to you at the session.  

  1. Complete the online Federal Direct Student Loan Entrance Counseling Session:
    After you have completed the in person entrance counseling session requirements, you must continue an on-line entrance counseling quiz. Follow instructions that will be provided at the Loan Entrance Counseling Session.

  2. Application Processing:

    Loans will be processed through the EPCC website and the Direct Loan website.

 Direct Loan Process

EPCC is participating in a new loan program for Stafford Loan borrowers called William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. Direct Loan borrowers at EPCC can go on-line via internet and complete the loan application process in 3 Phases.


You will not receive a loan disbursement until you:

  1. Have completed an entrance in-person counseling session for each academic year.
  2. Have accepted your award online.
  3. Have completed your entrance and E-MPN online.

If you do not have access to a PC with an Internet connection, contact the EPCC Financial Aid Office at 915-831-2561. We have self-help computers available for student use in the Financial Aid Office for your convenience. In addition, as a student, you have access to computer labs at each campus.


After attending your in-person entrance counseling session you will be given a date and time to process your application request. You will complete 3 phases to complete the Federal Direct Loan Process.


Phase 1

Complete your entrance counseling quiz

  1. Log into the Direct Loan Website
  2. Click on the green tab the Sign in button under Manage My Direct Loan
  3. Complete the Entrance Counseling
  4. Complete your exam and proceed with the instructions. There are 4 steps to complete.             

Step 1-Counseling Type is I am an undergraduate student

Step 2-Guidelines

Step 3-School Information

Step 4-Counseling Session/ Quiz


Don’t log off!!

Phase 2

Complete your E-MPN on

  1. Click on Complete Master Promissory Note option
  2. Under What You Need select Subsidized/ Unsubsidized
  3. Read and complete your 4 steps to E- Sign your MPN successfully. There are 4 steps to complete.

Step 1-Personal Information

Step 2- Personal References

Step 3- Terms & Conditions

Step 4- Review & Sign

Phase 3

Accept your offered Direct Loan Award

    1. Log on to
    2. Select the Current Students option
    3. Click on Banner system under the Class Schedules option
    4. Log in using your EPCC ID and password
    5. Select Student & Financial Aid
    6. Click on Financial Aid
    7. Go to My Award Information
    8. Select Award By Aid Year
    9. Select appropriate aid year for your award
    10. Click on the 3rd grey tab Accept Award Offer
    11. You choose Accept, Decline, or Partially accept your Direct Loan award(s)
    12. Accept Full Amount All Awards or Submit Decision
    13. Exit from Banner


Please create a new folder for your Direct Loan papers. Do not send your MPN to EPCC. If you come across any questions on the student loans website, please contact Direct Loan Services at 1-800-557-7394.



E-Signature is a process that allows NEW student loan borrowers to sign the Direct Loan MPN with an electronic signature.


The following is needed to complete the E-Signature process:

  1. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the Department of Education. This is the same PIN you used to sign your FAFSA on-line. If you don’t have a PIN or have forgotten your PIN, you can request one at
  2. Your Social Security Number
  3. Your Date of Birth
  4. The first two letters of your last name

 Automatic Direct Loan Disqualification

You will not qualify for a Direct Loan at EPCC if :

  • You are not meeting EPCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria:

- You can not be in Financial Aid Suspension.

- You can not exceed the 150% hour eligibility limit for your major. (Associates Degree: 90 hours, Certification of Completion: 45 hours.)

  • You are in default status on a Federal Student Loan.
  • You have not applied for Financial Aid for the current academic year.
  • You have not met or exceeded the loan level amount for your classification
  • You have met or exceeded the regulatory aggregate limit.

 EPCC Default Management Plan

This plan is on file with Texas Guarantee Student Loan Corporation in Austin, Texas.

  • Students must attend an EPCC loan counseling session each year prior to having a loan certified, even if they have already attended a session at another school.
  • Transient and/or undeclared major students are not eligible for any financial aid including Stafford student loans.
  • No loan or benefits of loan shall be disbursed prior to the end of add and drop periods for each semester.
  • First time borrowers cannot receive loan or loan benefit disbursements until 30 days after the first class day of the semester.
  • If at any time a student falls below half-time enrollment or fails to meet EPCC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) criteria, the loan will be canceled without notice and any un-disbursed loan funds will be returned to the lender.
  • El Paso Community College is a two year granting institution.  Students may only receive freshman and sophomore level loans while attending EPCC.
  • Freshman level = successfully completed fewer than 30 credit hours. 
  • Sophomore level = successfully completed 30 or more credit hours.
  • Developmental (remedial & ESL) do not count as hours toward student classification.  Students requesting a loan while in developmental courses will not be eligible for a sophomore level loan until they have completed and earned 30 academic hours.
  • Students in default on a prior student loan cannot receive any further loans or other financial aid until the default status has been placed in “satisfactory” status.  Students must provide the Financial Aid Office written documentation verifying this status.
  • If at any time a student’s enrollment status drops below half-time they must complete the Student Loan Exit Counseling process.  Failure to complete this will result in a hold being placed on all student records.

Effective Fall 2006

 Direct Loan Exit Counseling

You will need to participate in this online Student Loan Exit Counseling Session if you have received a Stafford/ Direct Loan.


 Exit Counseling Guide

Refer to the Exit Counseling Guide for Federal Student Loan Borrowers (PDF) for detailed information about rights and responsibilities as a borrower.