Spring 2015 Work-study Positions

 Current Job Openings

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 Assignment Procedures

Work-Study employment for Fall starts no earlier than September 1. Contact the supervisor listed for the position you are interested in. Please have a resume available for your interview. Students must show the award letter of notification indicating their work-study eligibility to the supervisor before the interview. If you are new to the Work-Study program, upon notification that you have been hired, you must complete the Employment Eligibility Verification forms at the:

Administrative Service Center, 9050 Viscount
Personnel Service Department, Room # A130

Please have your Social Security Card and a picture ID (TX Drivers License, TX ID or your EPCC ID). The Personnel Department will provide you with a clearance form that you must take to your supervisor.

Your supervisor will then complete the (PAR) contract for you and provide you with a copy of the PAR, which indicates the total hours awarded per semester and the banner account number required on the timesheet.

(Note: If you are a current or returning work-study student you only need to complete the Personnel Action Record Form (PAR) with the supervisor.)

 Work-study Guidelines

You have accepted a role that makes you double important at El Paso Community College. Below are important factors you must know.

  1. Students must be enrolled for twelve semester hours to receive the maximum eligible award.
  2. Each student will be given a total number of working hours per semester which should average to fifteen hours worked per week.
  3. A copy of the student’s class schedule should be provided to the supervisor in order to plan a work schedule.
  4. Your supervisor will monitor your work schedule.
  5. Always inform your supervisor if you are not able to attend work for any reason.
  6. Fall employment is effective as of starting dates on contract agreement.
  7. Spring employment begins no earlier than the first day of school. Please do not start before.
  8. The Federal Minimum Wage is $7.25 per hour.
  9. Work-study students are not entitled to sick leave, paid vacation or paid holidays.
  10. In order to continue employment under the College Work-study Program, students must be maintaining satisfactory academic progress as described in the El Paso Community College Catalog.
  11. Students who have been placed on Financial Aid suspension, or have attempted 150% or more than the required hours to complete their degree do not qualify for the college work-study program.

  12. NOTE: The Work-Study Program does not pay for studying during working hours.

 Time Sheets

  1. Time sheets are obtained from your department.
  2. The supervisor and student must sign a time sheet and provide an appropriate Payroll Account Number each month.
  3. Late time sheets, missing signatures, or missing account numbers may delay your pay an entire month.
  4. Each student is expected to complete the lower left-hand box of the time sheet so that you may be aware of how many hours are remaining.
  5. Do not exceed your awarded hours per semester.
  6. Each semester you will be given a new set of hours, therefore do not carry any remaining hours onto the following semester.
  7. Time sheets are due in the Payroll Office on the last working day of each month.
  8. We recommend that you make an additional copy of your time sheet so that you may be aware of how many hours are remaining.
  9. Payday is normally the 15th of every month.
  10. If the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your pay will be ready on the Friday before.