Employee Relations

 Workplace Violence Prevention and Guidelines

The El Paso Community College strives to provide a safe environment for all individuals to work and pursue an education. However, recent tragedies in the workplace and in the halls of academia have made us all aware of how vulnerable we are to violence in our every day lives. Employers and employees can no longer think it will not happen to them and not be prepared to take the appropriate steps to prevent or limit the effects of violence. Being attentive to the warning signs and knowing the correct procedures to follow could prevent or define the outcome of an event. Following are signals to identify potentially dangerous situations and guidelines to be used for reporting them.


1)      Uncontrollable temper

2)      Threats of retaliation and/or violence

3)      Intimidates co-workers

4)      Obsessed with thinking others are out to get him or her

5)      Holds grudges

6)      Has a hostile relationship with an employee(s)

7)      Believes they have been treated unfairly, disrespectfully, or with hostility

8)      Person is experiencing personal problems (divorce, abusive relationship, etc.)

9)      Anger resulting from loss of employment, promotion or raise denial, poor performance evaluation

10)      Repeated behavior problems

11)      Frequent mood swings

12)      Drug or alcohol abuse problem

13)      A history of violence




1)      Immediately report any direct threats of violence or retaliation to your supervisor and/or the EPCC Police Department.

2)      Be aware of significant changes in behavior or circumstances.

3)      Do not ignore behavior, statements, or attitudes that are unusual or disconcerting.

4)      Remember a co-worker’s personal situation (divorce, abusive relationship, etc.) could result in violence occurring in the workplace and be diligent in your observance of activities.

5)      If you have to speak with an individual you feel may become violent, have someone else present during the discussion.

6)      Supervisors:  Make sure all keys and entry devices are retrieved from employees prior to him/her leaving the premises when employment has ended.


REMEMBER:  A person may show warning signs of violence but never act violently.


The El Paso Community College Police Department is available to provide assistance in the event of a violent act or to take information relating to a potential incident of violence.  In the event of an emergency necessitating the notification of faculty, staff, and students, the Police Chief will issue a district-wide Security Alert.  An e-mail will be sent district-wide directing employees to log on to the Police Department web-site homepage to receive instructions.  Faculty will advise students of the information received.  Local television and radio stations will also be alerted to the situation.  Anyone with information requiring a Campus Security Alert should contact the Police Department at 831-2200 with the specifics.