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 Pay Practices

Direct Deposit and Pay Advice Distribution

El Paso Community College is following a mandatory Direct Deposit program. All employees are required to be on Direct Deposit. If an employee cannot sign up for Direct Deposit, the pay card is available as an alternative. All Direct Deposit and pay card forms should be submitted to the Payroll Office at the Administrative Service Center. The Direct Deposit must remain in effect throughout employment with the District.

Pay advices are available on-line to review pay information.

Pay Dates

The pay date for an employee is determined by the employee’s primary employment status as follows:


Employment Status

Pay Date

Full-time regular employees (salaried) 

25th of the month or last business day prior to the 25th

Part-time Faculty (salaried) 

25th of month or last business day prior to the 25th (equal installments). Faculty will be paid on the last day of the semester for Fall and Spring semester rather than the 25th of December and May.

Part-time Faculty (hourly) 

25th day of the month or last business day prior to the 25th

Part-time and/or temporary employees (hourly) 

15th day of the month or last business day prior to the 15th

Pay Option for Faculty

Full-time Faculty may choose to have their academic year salary in nine (9) or twelve (12) monthly installments.

Payroll Deductions

Upon receipt of a paycheck, each employee should verify the accuracy of the information provided on the pay advice. Employees may notice that several deductions have been made from their gross earnings. Mandatory deductions are for Federal Income Tax and applicable retirement programs (for eligible employees). Other deductions are for services which the employee may have opted to receive such as additional insurance coverage. The pay advice will also show the College's contribution toward several insurance coverage's (for eligible employees).

Employees eligible for paid leave will note that available vacation and sick leave is indicated (in hours) on the pay advice. (NOTE: Because leave time during the pay period normally is not reported in time for adjustment to the paycheck, hours of leave available as indicated on the advice may not be consistent with the employee’s records.) The employee’s supervisor should be able to assist if there are questions about the advice.

• Federal Income Tax

Federal withholding taxes are deducted depending on individual exemptions, allowances claimed and salary bracket. Employees may also authorize additional withholding amounts from each pay if desired (whole dollars only, percentages cannot be accommodated).

• Exemption From Income Tax Withholding

An employee may claim to be exempt from income tax withholding because he/she had no income tax liability last year and expects none this year. The employee must file a Form W-4 each year to claim exemption from withholding. Some non-resident alien employees MAY be exempt from Federal Withholding Tax. Employees must secure the specific article number of the tax treaty from their own Consulate and claim exemption.

• Social Security (FICA)

FICA is used to finance two separate programs. One part is OASDI (regular social security retirement benefits) and the other part is HI (Medicare). After March 31, 1986 all employees of the College (except those who qualified for the continuing employment exception and students) began coverage under the HI part of FICA. The College remains exempt from the OASDI portion of FICA.