Employee Relations
Employee Handbook

Chapter 7

Faculty Information


Faculty Association


Faculty Responsibilities and Instructional Guidelines


   Academic Freedom and Responsibility

   Standard Guidelines and Record-keeping

       Faculty Evaluations

       Instructor Absence

       Outlines and Syllabi



Institutional Committees


Professional Courtesy




   Curriculum Development

   Distance Education


   Faculty Development

       Faculty Recognition

       Recognition Dinner

       Faculty Development Newsletter

       Faculty Development Workshops

       Faculty Retreat

       Guest Lecture Series

       Mini-grant Program

       New Faculty Orientation

       Professional Development Activity

       Southwest Seminar for Great Teaching

       Spanish Immersion Program

       Wellness Program

   Forum Theater

   Information Technology

   Instructional Service Centers

       Procedure for Work Request Services

   Libraries (Learning Resource Centers)



       Computer Catalog

       Services and Guidelines

       Community Borrowers

       How You Can Help the Libraries

       Library Information

   Media Services Center

   Technology Resource Center

   Testing Services

       Instructor Testing Services

       Guidelines for Make-up or Retest Services

           Information for Instructor to Communicate to Students

           Scantron Forms and Scantron Machines

       Tutoring Services


Student Rights and Privacy


Student Services and Development


   Career Planning Center

   Center for students with Disabilities

   Cooperative Education

   Counseling Services

   Placement Center


Support Services


   Cashier Services

   EPCC Police Department


College Procedures Relating to Faculty


Part-Time Faculty Information


   College Employment Policies

   College Employment Procedures


Reference Appendix


   Syllabus Format

   Official Course Description

   Faculty Association Bylaws