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The College seeks to maintain an optimum level of operation through a successful matching of the College's needs with highly-qualified employees who can assist the College to achieve its mission and goals. The College utilizes standardized competitive recruitment, evaluation and selection procedures to fill full-time employment vacancies. There is a procedure for each employee category for full-time employment: Administrative (College Procedure; Professional Support (College Procedure; Faculty (College Procedure; and Classified Staff (College Procedure Further, there are separate procedures for part-time faculty employment (College Procedure and for part-time support staff employment (College Procedure Externally-funded positions are filled pursuant to another procedure (College Procedure These detailed procedures describe the recruitment market and the recruitment process for each type of position. The objective of each procedure is to select the best qualified candidate for the position. These procedures are available on the College’s website.

Once an applicant has been selected for a position, the recommended employment appointment is submitted for approval by the Board of Trustees. The employee must report to the Human Resources Department no later than the first day of employment to complete necessary in-processing. This meeting with Human Resources Department staff will normally involve employment eligibility verification, benefits counseling, payroll processing, and assuring that relevant information for the initial processing of the employee's personnel file has been received.

New employees are required to attend the New Employee Orientation session conducted by the Human Resources Development Department. All new employees are required to attend the state-mandated training on equal employment opportunity and equal educational opportunity, including sexual harassment prevention.

Full-time Faculty Recruitment and Appointment

Summary of Procedure

College Procedure, Candidate Evaluation Procedure: Full-time Faculty Positions, outlines the detailed process for the filling of full-time faculty position vacancies, including instructors, counselors, librarians, adult vocational instructors, special program instructors and coaches, in both probationary (tenure-track) and lecturer (temporary) positions.

The evaluation and selection of full-time faculty members is a formal process involving the faculty, administration, President of the College and the Board of Trustees. Throughout the process there are a number of reviews that occur to ensure that all applicants for the position are given a thorough review of experience, education, potential and quality of past performance regardless of age, gender, race, religion, color, national origin, or disability.

When a vacancy is to be filled, the teaching discipline (or department) plays an important role. Members of the discipline meet to discuss the proposed specific qualifications of the new faculty member, including appropriate written and oral communication skills, in recognition of institutional need and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and/or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools qualification requirements. The discipline formulates a recommendation regarding the qualifications to be advertised to the appropriate Dean (or Director). The request to fill the vacancy, along with specific qualifications for the position, is forwarded through the appropriate Vice President to the Personnel Services Department.

The vacancy announcement is prepared by Personnel Services and provided to the Vice President, Dean and the District-wide Discipline/Program Coordinator for final review and approval before release. All probationary faculty positions are advertised on a nationwide basis and generally remain open for a minimum of one month. Adult Vocational, Special Program Instructors and Lecturer positions are generally advertised regionally for a two-week period. Recruitment for coaches is generally conducted on a nationwide basis.

The review of application materials and the interviewing of applicants are conducted by the Evaluation Committee. This committee includes the Dean (for the faculty vacancy) and faculty members in the discipline and/or related field. The committee membership is recommended, pursuant to procedural guidelines, by the Dean/Director and approved by the appropriate Vice President. The Executive Director of Human Resources reviews the committee’s composition to ensure appropriate diversity and composition.

The initial review of applications is performed by designated Evaluation Committee members using the criteria for the position vacancy as announced in the recruitment materials. This initial review results in a numerical score for each applicant. Applicants are then listed in numerical score sequence from highest score to lowest. From this numerical scoring, the committee decides on those top scoring candidates to be interviewed.

All candidates invited for on-campus interview start the interview process with equal standing. During the interview, committee members explore the qualifications of each candidate. In some cases, a teaching demonstration may be required of each candidate. This permits the committee to assess the oral and written skills of the candidate. At the end of the interview process, the committee jointly completes an evaluation form for each candidate which assigns a numerical score based on the responses and performance of the candidate. Based on the numerical standings, the committee then designates those applicants that are to be considered as finalists for the position. Individuals designated as finalists are considered by the committee to be fully qualified and any candidate selected from the list is considered acceptable to be employed.

The committee then meets with the Vice President of their respective area and the President of the College in a Final Review and Selection Conference. Based on input from the committee members, the President makes a decision on the candidate to be offered the position. Once the tentative offer of employment has been extended by the Personnel Services Department and accepted by the candidate, the President sends the recommendation to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

The supervisor is responsible for assuring that all required employment documents (application, Credentials Verification form, I-9 verification form, W-4 withholding form, Biographical Data Form, etc.) are completed and submitted to Personnel Services prior to the new faculty member beginning work.

Part-time Faculty Recruitment and Selection

Summary of Procedure

College Procedure outlines the detailed process for the filling of part-time faculty position vacancies, including instructors, counselors and librarians. This process is a coordinated effort between the Human Resources Department and individual faculty supervisors. The selection process may be competitive (advertised) or non-competitive (not formally advertised). Part-time faculty positions are advertised when the pool of prospective and qualified applicants is insufficient to meet the requirements for the discipline or department. When advertising is requested by the faculty supervisor, Human Resources releases the advertisement in coordination with the faculty supervisor.

In general, applications for part-time faculty positions, whether or not submitted pursuant to an advertisement, are normally submitted first to the Human Resources Department. Sometimes, faculty applicants submit the application form directly to the faculty supervisor (Dean or Director) who then forwards the application form to the Human Resources Department for processing.

When the application is received by Human Resources, the applicant’s name is added to the applicant pool for the discipline/department. The applicant pool materials are periodically forwarded to the supervisor at least three (3) times per year for the evaluation of the applicants’ credentials. If an applicant is proposed to be employed, the Faculty Credentials Verification form is completed and returned to Human Resources for further processing upon the assignment and employment in a part-time faculty position.

The supervisor is responsible for assuring that all required employment documents (application, Credentials Verification form, I-9 verification form, W-4 withholding form, Biographical Data Form, etc.) are completed and submitted to Personnel Services prior to the new part-time faculty employee beginning work.

Faculty Credentials Verification

College Procedure outlines the process for the verification of the credentials of each full-time and part-time faculty member. The purpose is to ensure that every faculty member employed at the College possesses the academic preparation and training/experience necessary to meet the minimum requirements of the accrediting bodies and state agencies.

Prior to the employment of a faculty member, the faculty supervisor (Dean or Director) reviews the credentials of the individual to verify that the minimum requirements are met. This is accomplished through a comparison by the supervisor of the credentials outlined in the Summary of Instructional Qualifications with those possessed by the potential faculty member. If the prospective faculty member’s credentials meet or exceed those required, the Faculty Credentials Verification form is completed and submitted through administrative channels for approval. Approval by the senior instructional supervisor is required if a credentials exception is requested. The completed Faculty Credentials Verification form is forwarded to the Human Resources Department to be included in the faculty member’s employee file.

The Faculty Credentials Review Committee (FCRC) is a Standing College Committee, and is charged with reviewing and making recommendations regarding faculty credentials issues, including credential verification, dispute resolutions, and permanent credential exception recommendations. This committee is also responsible for maintaining the Summary of Instructional Qualifications.

Only course work or degrees granted by an accredited college or university or an acceptable evaluation of foreign course work or degrees will be accepted for the credentialing of a faculty member. All transcripts submitted by a prospective faculty member from a foreign university or school must be accompanied by a full translation in English by an acceptable translator. Further, each foreign transcript must be evaluated for equivalency to United States accredited course work by an acceptable agency. All costs for these services will be borne by the prospective faculty member.