Employee Relations
Employee Handbook




 Employee Categories

Board Policies fully describe the various employee categories. These policies further govern the employment relationship between the District and the individual employee.


An exempt employee who functions primarily in an executive leadership and operational management role.


An academic exempt employee who functions in either an instructional role or provides professional library or counseling services.

Tenured Faculty

A full-time faculty member who has served a full probationary period, has applied for and been granted tenure status. Tenured faculty employment may be expected to continue unless adequate cause for dismissal is demonstrated in a due-process hearing, as established by College policy.

Probationary Faculty

A full-time faculty member who serves in a position for which there is an evaluation period normally lasting five years; a tenure-track position.

Lecturer Status

A full-time faculty member who serves in a temporary status for a specific period of time.

Adult Vocational and Special Programs Faculty

A full-time, non-tenure-track faculty member who teaches in certificate and non-credit instructional programs.


A full-time, non-tenure-track faculty primarily assigned to a competitive team athletic program.

Adjunct Faculty

A part-time faculty member.

Professional Support Staff

An exempt employee who functions primarily in a specialized professional, service or support role.

Classified Staff

A non-exempt employee who functions primarily in a support service role.

Work-Study Student Employee

A matriculating student who is participating in the College’s Work-Study Financial Aid Program and is concurrently working for the College as part of that program.

Independent Consultant

Does not qualify as an employee.