Employee Relations
Employee Handbook


Employee Benefit Program


Benefit Orientation Program


Educational Programs


   Educational Assistance Program

   Staff Scholarship Benefit

   Advancement Due to Educational Achievement


Employment After Retirement




Insurance Programs


   Health and Life

   Summer Enrollment

   Optional Coverages

   TexFlex (Premium Conversion and Reimbursement Accounts)


Leave Programs


   Absence Reporting

   Paid Leaves

       Vacation Leave

       Sick Leave

       Personal Leave

       Bereavement Leave

       Court Leave

       Military Leave

       Professional Development Leave

   Unpaid Leaves

       Continuing Insurance Coverage During Leave Without Pay Status


Sick Leave Pool



   Contribution of Time

   Withdrawal of Time from the Pool


Reduced Faculty Workload


Retirement Benefit Programs


   FICA-Social Security/Medicare Tax (FICA)

   Program for Extra Retirement Compensation (PERC)

   Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS)

   Vesting of Benefits

   Service Retirement

   Disability Retirement

   Death and Survivor Benefits (before retirement)

   Return of Deposits

   Member Contributions

   Tax Sheltering

   Beneficiary Change - Designation of Beneficiary, Form TRS 11

   Member Address Change, Form TRS 358

   Member Annual Statement Of Account

   Interest Credit

   Request For Member Account Information

   Texas Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

   One-time Irrevocable Decision

   Plan Design

   ORP Vesting


   Selection and Monitoring of ORP Companies and Products

   Crucial Decision

   Optional Retirement Program Vendors

   Tax Reform Act Affects 403 (b) Tax Deferred Annuities (ORP & TSA)

   Early Withdrawal Restrictions

   Delayed Withdrawal Tax


Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) Program


   How Much Can an Employee Contribute?

   Investment Choices

   TSA Vendors

   Changing or Stopping Contributions

   Receiving the Money

   Tax Penalty on Early Distributions


Unemployment Compensation Plan


Separation/Termination of Employment


Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage