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The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaborative of Texas' fifty community college districts and the Texas State Technical College Systems sharing distance learning capabilities. Through the VCT, students may register at their local college to take credit and non-credit distance learning courses from other colleges throughout Texas and receive support services from the local college.


Students must meet all El Paso Community College requirements including pre-requisites. Please check with your counselor to ensure you are eligible to enroll in courses offered through the VCT.


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 VCT Course Approval Process

The VCT course approval process can take up to ten working days. If the course curriculum or faculty credentials are not approved, the student may request a different course from another school and/or instructor, and the approval process is restarted.


Students are emailed getting started and student support information from the Distance Learning Support Services Department after enrollment. Getting started information is available on the VCT and Distance Learning web site. On successful completion, the course is listed on the students EPCC transcript.


 Getting Started

Access the course details and syllabus from the VCT website for each course you plan to take. The course details page will give you the course web address, start and ending dates, information on testing method, textbooks, and the teacher contact information. The syllabus contains course objectives and information on assignments, attendance, calendar, communication, evaluation, exams, and instructor.

Please contact the Distance Learning Support Services Department (DLSS) to receive information on how to get started enrolling for a VCT course. To learn more, please read the section entitled "VCT Course Approval Process" on this page.

Once you are registered for your course, you will be contacted by DLSS to notify you that a reservation has been made for you in the course and to pay the tuition.

You may contact DLSS at 915.831.3111.

VCT Course Information

VCT Continuing Education Course Information

 Technical Requirements

You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the technical requirements for each course. You should follow the instructions provided in the course details page on the VCT web site for logging into your course and contacting your instructor. If you need technical assistance or training, contact the Distance Learning Support Services Office who can arrange support for you.


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