Distance Learning Support Services
Current Students

 Getting Started

Blackboard is the course management software used by EPCC to deliver courses over the Internet.

If you are new to online or hybrid courses, the sections below have information to help get you started. Read the information in each section, click each link, and follow the instructions to complete the activities before class begins.


If you haven't completed the online readiness assessment, DLSS recommends you complete it before moving on to the activities below. The assessment will identify your strengths and areas you may need to improve to be successful in an online course.

SmarterMeasure - Are You Ready for Online Courses

   Note: faculty who teach online courses may require you to visit an EPCC campus for meetings, testing or other course requirements.  If you are unable to visit an EPCC campus, contact the faculty member to determine whether alternate arrangements are possible. Faculty contact information can be found in the: E-mail and Telephone Directory.


Distance Learning values your education. Therefore we have taken the time to develop an online tutorial to help you learn how to use Blackboard.

Blackboard Student Tutorial

Blackboard Login Instructions

 Technical Support

For 24/7 technical assistance with Blackboard, students can chat or submit help tickets online EPCC Blackboard Help Desk or call toll free 888-296-0863.

Distance Learning has created a great place for you to get started. Click here to visit our DLSS Student Support page.

 Library Services

EPCC students can find an array of resources by visiting the EPCC campus Libraries. The Online Library Orientation is a great place to start

Welcome Students

EPCC Library

EPCC Library Research Guides

 Virtual College of Texas

If you need a class to advance or graduate that isn't available ask your counselor about the Virtual College of Texas.

Virtual College of Texas

 Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips that will teach you about essential requirements for online learning and how to manage your time effectively to be a successful online student. 

Browser Compatibility Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Netiquette Guide for Online Courses (PDF)

Time Management

Tips to Become a Successful Online Student (PDF)

What Technology Do I Need?

 Withdrawing From a Course

Students interested in withdrawing from a course may contact their counselor and be aware of 6-Drop Rule. Send your request using your EPCC email account to Admissions@epcc.edu by printing your Name, EPCC ID#, and the course(s) Course Name, Course Number, and Section Number, last date attended (submitted work/accessed the course). Students are responsible for protecting their login and password.

Please Note: The Registrar will not accept email requests from other email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

Students may also fax their request to withdraw from a course or courses to the Registrar's office at 915-831-2161.