Distance Education
Online / Internet Courses

Online/Internet courses allow students access to course materials seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Faculty post materials, instructions, readings and assignments online for students to complete on their own or in a group. Faculty members are available via email or telephone for questions. Students may also interact with each other on-line.


Students are able to respond to online questions posted by their instructor or other students by participating in an online discussion group. These are sometimes called "Threaded Discussions" and are not live. The online discussions may be read and answered, according to the schedule in the syllabus.

Students will also be able to "Chat" online in discussions moderated by the faculty. A chat session is conducted live, with the participants taking turns typing in questions, answers or comments, which can be seen and responded to by everyone who is participating.


Login to your Internet course where you will find answers to:

  • Do we ever meet?
  • How do I contact you in case of any questions?
  • Is there a book I must have?
  • How are the tests taken?
  • Do I have to come to a Campus Testing Center?
  • Do I have to arrange for a test proctor?
  • Do you have office hours?
  • Do you have a class syllabus?


Internet courses begin the same day as on-campus classes. You should login to each class and e-mail your instructor. Your e-mail prevents you from being dropped for non-attendance.