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 Getting Started

If you are new to Online or Hybrid courses, the sections below have information you need to get started. Read the information in each section, click each link, and follow the instructions to complete the activities before class begins.  




Distance Education values your education. Therefore we have taken the time to develop online tutorials to help you learn more concerning the technical requirements essential for online learning, how to use Blackboard.


SmarterMeasure - Are You Ready for Internet Courses?

Blackboard Tutorial

Login Instructions




For assistance getting started with an online course or technical support, contact the EPCC Blackboard Helpdesk available 24/7 (Toll Free) 888-296-0863.  Below are some additional resources:


Blackboard Help for Students

Browser and Technical Requirements

Minimum Skills for Students
Student Resources


Distance Education has created a great place for you to get started. Click here to visit our Student Online Support Center


 Library Services

EPCC students can find an array of resources by visiting the EPCC campus Libraries. The Online Library Orientation is a great place to start!  


Welcome Students

EPCC Library

EPCC Library Research Guides

Library Services for Off-Campus Students and Faculty


Blackboard is the course management software used by EPCC to deliver courses over the Internet. Blackboard has the tools you will use to view the calendar, turn in assignments, take tests, and participate in discussion online. 

Launch Blackboard

 Online / Internet Courses

Online/Internet courses allow students access to course materials seven days a week and 24 hours a day. These course are limited to 25 student enrollments or less to maximize the student educational experience. Faculty post materials, instructions, readings and assignments online for students to complete on their own or in a group. Faculty members are available via email or telephone for questions. Students may also interact with each other on-line.

Students are able to respond to online questions posted by their instructor or other students by participating in online discussion groups. These are sometimes called "Threaded Discussions". The online discussions may be read and answered, according to the schedule in the syllabus.

Learn more about Online/Internet Courses



 Withdrawing From a Course

Students interested in withdrawing from a course may send their request using their EPCC email account to Admissions@epcc.edu by printing their Name, EPCC ID#, and the course(s) Course Name, Course Number, and Section Number, last date attended (submitted work/accessed the course). Students are responsible for protecting their login and password. Please Note: The Registrar will not accept email requests from other email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.


Students may also fax their request to withdraw from a course(s) to the Registrar's office at 915-831-2161.


 Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips that will assist you in learning how you can obtain an access code for your course, if required by your instructor and how to manage your time more effectively to get the most out of your class. 

Access Code Instructions

Time Management

Browser Compatibility Chart (PDF)