Distance Education
Online Internet Course Technical Requirements

 Computer Requirements

The computer requirements for the Blackboard application are modest, and most computers purchased within the past several years should function without any issues.   

Blackboard works with Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7 and Mac OSX10.x or higher. Linux and other operating systems may function, but are not supported by Blackboard. Please review the following document for more information.


Browser Compatibility Chart

 Assistive Technology

EPCC online courseware is compatible with assistive technology.

Contact the EPCC Blackboard Help Desk available 24/7 (Toll Free) 888-296-0863. or visit the EPCC Blackboard Support page for technical assistance.


Contact the Distance Education office for more information at (915) 831-3111.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Web Browser Requirements

Students are strongly encouraged to run the Browser Tune-Up application before logging in to Blackboard CE for the first time to verify that their Browser is supported and Java is installed and current on their computer. The Browser Tune-Up can be accessed by visiting the Blackboard CE login screen and clicking the "Check Browser" link. There are links at the bottom of the Browser test screen to upgrade your browser and plugins to the latest versions. Downloads for the newest browser and plugins are free of charge.

Pop Up blockers must be allowed to run when using Blackboard CE.


 Connection Requirements

Blackboard will function with a 56k dial-up Internet connection or faster.  For the best user experience, it is highly recommended that students have a broadband Internet access. All DSL, Cable, and Satellite Internet Services meet this recommendation.


The Blackboard system makes heavy use of Java technology from Sun Microsystems, and requires the Java JRE. The latest version of the free Java Runtime Environment can be downloaded and installed from the Java web site.


JavaScript must be enabled on your computer.