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Welcome Students to the El Paso Community College DE Student Online Support Center. This site will help you get started and familiarize yourself with the Blackboard course management system as well as give you a better understanding how the online environment works.


Students are encouraged to contact the Distance Education Office at distanceED@epcc.edu or 915.831.3111 and report any Distance Education complaints, troubles or issues. Please include your contact information so we can contact you to provide assistance. Information on Student Grade Appeals is found on page 72-73 of the EPCC Catalog (PDF) and Non-Academic Student Grievances are found page 73-74 of the EPCC Catalog (PDF).


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Getting Started with Online Courses

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Welcome aboard!


Distance Education Staff


For additional information, please contact the Distance Education office at 915-831-3111.


Note: El Paso Community College charges a $40 Distance Education fee for each online and hybrid course. There are no additional cost associated with verification of student identity for online courses related to compliance with the Higher Education Reauthorization Opportunity Act of 2008.

 Blackboard Tutorials

Students using Blackboard can get hands on practice by visiting the Blackboard Orientation/Tutorial


Students can learn more about Blackboard by visiting the Blackboard Online Demand Center. It is here that students will find assistance to online tutorials, frequently asked questions and learn about the different features available such as communicating with your instructor, working with assignments and assessments and much more.


For additional information, please contact the Distance Education office at 915-831-3111.


 Blackboard Help

Students can receive assistance with Blackboard in several ways.


Students may call the Blackboard Helpdesk using the toll free number at 1-888-296-0863 available 24/7.


In addition, students may email the Distance Education Office at distanceED@epcc.edu and report any troubles or issues with Blackboard. Also, please include your full name, course name, course number, CRN, instructor name. Additional information will be requested as needed.


For additional help with Blackboard, please visit the link below.


Blackboard Help for Students

Reporting Blackboard issues (PDF)


 Helpful Resources

 How Do I ...

Here, you will learn about the most common features and frequently asked questions students have made us aware of regarding taking online courses, receiving blackboard assistance, online tutorials, communicating with faculty, preparing for online courses and more.


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Learn more about:


Access Banner

Access Codes

Access Blackboard tutorials

Blackboard - FAQ's

Blackboard Tutorial

Checking my Grades

Contacting the EPCC Help Desk

Create a Discussion Board Post

Create a New Discussion Board Thread

Logging in to Blackboard

Preparing for Quiz and Test Taking in Blackboard (PDF)

Replying to a Discussion Board Thread

Reporting Blackboard issues (PDF)

Resetting my Banner Pin   (Please note: Your banner pin reset may take up to 24 hrs to become activated)

Respondus - (Respondus Lockdown Browser) (PDF)

Smarter Measure Assessment - (Are you Ready for Internet Courses?)

Student Resources (id's, class schedules, Campus Life, parking etc...)

User ID and User Name Search - If you need assistance to look up your user name, call the EPCC Information Technology Service Desk: 915.831.6440.



For additional information, please contact the Distance Education office at 915-831-3111.


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