Distance Education
Hybrid Courses

 Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom interaction with online writing components and online communication features (discussion board, chat, and email). How does this work? Instead of coming to campus for every class, you will now attend class as scheduled and complete course work on the Internet.  Attendance is required during the scheduled classroom day and time.


If you are enrolled in a Hybrid-class, your instructor will conduct an orientation the first week of class.


An EPCC student ID card is needed to access the Academic Computing Services Computer Labs, Libraries, Testing Centers, and other EPCC services.

 Getting Started

If you are new to Hybrid courses, the sections below have information you need to get started. Read the information in each section, click each link, and follow the instructions to complete the activities before class begins.


Distance Education values your education. Therefore we have taken the time to develop online tutorials to help you learn more concerning the technical requirements essential for online learning, how to use Blackboard.


SmarterMeasure - Are You Ready for Internet Courses?

Blackboard Tutorial



For assistance getting started with an online course or technical support, contact the EPCC Blackboard Helpdesk available 24/7 (Toll Fee) 888-296-0863.  Below are some additional resources:


Technical Requirements

Minimum Skills for Students

Student Resources


Blackboard is the course management software used by EPCC to deliver courses over the Internet.  Blackboard has the tools you will use to view the calendar, turn in assignments, take tests, and participate in discussion online.


Launch Blackboard

 Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips that will assist you in learning how you can obtain an access code for your course, how to manage your time more effectively to get the most out of your class as well as a hands on approach to learn how to login to your course.


Access code instructions

Time Management

Login Instructions

Browser Compatibility Chart

 Library Resources

EPCC students can find an array of resources available to them by visiting our campus Libraries.  The Online Library Orientation is a great place to start!


EPCC Library

Library Services for Off-Campus Students and Faculty