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Access Key

Student Access Key for Course Cartridges for Blackboard Learn


Students must purchase a Student Access Key to view and utilize Protected Access materials. The cost for a Student Access Key varies by publisher and title. Student Access Keys are bundled with new textbooks or sold individually in the College bookstore. If a student purchased a book from a source other than the bookstore, the student should contact the publisher to purchase an Access Key. 


It is recommended that faculty post the publisher's online Access Key purchase information in the syllabus and a convenient location in online courses for students who are in need of an access key.


A 15 day grace period is available to give you time to purchase your textbook/access key, by clicking the grace button when you log into your course. Follow the instructions on the screen to purchase, or the instructions below:


There are two ways you can purchase an access key:  

      1. Purchase a textbook that includes the access key online, or at an EPCC bookstore.
      2. Purchase a Student access key online

When you receive your access code, it will look like one of the following:

      1. A combination of letters and numbers, such as: CT-TCT-6321-711931-I
      2. All letters, such as: LOVE-LITE-JUST-GIVE-WAGS-IDLE  

Access Key Tips


  • Type your access key exactly as it appears in the e-mail you received or on the printed card included with the textbook you purchased.
  • Your access key is not the same as your user name or password supplied by your institution, nor is it your Blackboard Learning System user name or password.


For help with your access key, contact the EPCC Blackboard Help Desk at 800.630.8849 (toll free). The Help Desk is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.