New Student Orientation

Congratulations!  We are excited that you have taken this important step toward a successful future at El Paso Community College (EPCC).  Welcome to your Online New Student Orientation!


After admission into El Paso Community College and placement requirements are completed, all students must participate in a New Student Orientation (NSO). Orientation is an opportunity to get off to a good start and become familiar with the many programs and services at EPCC.


Our task is to give you basic knowledge of what is available to you and give you guidance to help you in achieving your goals. Our goal as academic counselors and advisors is to guide you throughout your college experience here at EPCC.



 Topics Covered During Orientation

  • Introduction

  • EPCC Catalog

  • Degree Plans

  • Testing

  • Registration

Online New Student Orientation

 New Student Checklist

  1. Apply for Admissions 
  2. Apply for Financial Aid or Veteran's benefits 
  3. Meet placement requirements
  4. Participate in New Student Orientation
  5. Meet with your friendly Counselor/Advisor for class advising
  6. Register for your classes and print your schedule online 
  7. Ensure that your classes are paid with your nearest campus cashier 
  8. Purchase your parking decal, go to the Campus Police Office
  9. Take your schedule to the Campus Life Office for your student ID card
  10. Look for your classrooms before the first day of class 
  11. Attend your classes and purchase your books
  12. Be on the look out!  Check our website for early registration dates
  13. Remember to see your Counselor/Advisor before you register for the upcoming semester