Commencement Ceremony


All graduating students are welcome to attend the commencement ceremony. For many students, the graduation ceremony represents a celebration of their accomplishment in higher education. Many family and friends of graduating students attend to join in the celebration. However, students are not mandated to attend the commencement ceremony. Students may choose to pick up their degree without attending the graduation ceremony.


A commencement ceremony is held for spring and fall.



 Graduation Process Tips

After working long and hard in school you may be near the completion of your degree program at EPCC. To make the process of graduation easy, please use the following tips:

  • Keep the degree plan that you are following consistently updated by documenting your progress on the degree and bringing it with you when you visit an advisor or counselor. If you are unsure about how to fill out the degree plan, a counselor will help you fill one out.
  • If you don't have a degree plan or have lost it, please download your degree plan and begin the process of updating your current progress.


If you follow the above two steps it will be easy to monitor your progress. It will also make it quicker and smoother for you once you are ready to apply for graduation. For students that are prepared, graduation will be a relatively easy process.