Early Alert Program

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 Early Alert Program

The Early Alert Program at El Paso Community College rests on the collaborative efforts of faculty, counselors, advisors and academic support services. We are working together as a team in an involved, proactive, and supportive approach to increase student's academic success.

The purpose of the Early Alert Program is to identify and effectively intervene with students who are exhibiting at risk behaviors and to establish a referral process available to faculty; thus, increasing retention and reducing the number of students in academic probation and/or suspension. The Early Alert Program consists of intensive and comprehensive intervention strategies to teach students academic success skills and encourage positive academic behaviors. With the assistance of instructors, counselors and advisors will be able to assist students overcome obstacles and achieve their academic and personal goals.

Contact Information:

Sandra Lujan

Counselor/Early Alert Coordinator


Click here to access the Early Alert DropGuard software application

The Early Alert Program focuses on providing our students with the assistance to attain the highest success in the pursuit of their education. Your cooperation and commitment is crucial to reaching this objective.


If you received an Early Alert referral from your instructor, then he/she noticed that you could use some additional resources that are available to help you reach your goals.

Early Alert Program Workshops

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Links to connect to additional external Academic Resources:

Study Guides and Strategies

Online Study Skills Workshops

How to Study

Improving Memory Retention




Please notify the student before making a referral

     Signs of a student having these difficulties include:

  • High rate of absenteeism
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Failure to turn in assignments on time or at all
  • Submission of poor quality assignments
  • Missed tests
  • Low quiz/test performance
  • Class disruption

Early Alert Instructor Referral Procedure

Click here to access the Faculty Guide to DropGuard Early Alert System (PDF)

Click here to access the Early Alert DropGuard software application.

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Early Alert Faculty FAQ's

 Academic Advisors

Referral to connect students to additional resources


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