ESOL Advising


Students that want to study ESL must see an ESOL Counselor to learn about course work and academic information. The ESL Counselor provides ESL students with campus and resources that are beneficial when learning another language. These resources are designed for students who are learning English. There are many resources available at El Paso Community College among them are the following.


  • Advising for COMPASS placement exam, going into ESL
    classes/developmental coursework.
  • Test interpretation
  • Academic advising for career and transfer programs
  • Alternative brain based language acquisition assistance
  • Referrals to outside agencies and educational centers
  • Resource materials for second language acquisition
  • Information about financial aid
  • Help in acquiring information of other student service departments


ESL Courses By Level (PDF)

 ESOL Staff

Jose M. BaltazarValle Verde(915)
Lorena ChavezValle Verde(915)
Mary H. (Nena) FabelaValle Verde(915)
Irma BrickerTransmountain(915)
Anita SoteloTransmountain(915)
Alma ValadezTransmountain(915)
Vanessa Bretado-MonroyTransmountain(915)
Ricardo Lopez de LaraRio Grande(915)
Lourdes OchoaMission del Paso(915)
Liz RamirezMission del Paso(915)
Ramon JimenezMission del Paso(915)
Rene ChavezMission del Paso(915)