Developmental Education

 What Are Developmental Courses?

Developmental education courses are designed to improve your academic skills in the areas of reading, writing and math. The results of the placement exam will determine your need for developmental courses. The grades earned in developmental courses do not calculate in your overall grade point average. Additionally, all developmental courses begin with a zero (MATH 0301) and do not grant college credit.

 Academic Advising

New students must take the ACCUPLACER test upon admission to the College. If you do not test into college level coursework, you must participate in developmental education in reading, writing and/or math in order to meet institutional academic prerequisites. Students must also receive academic advising prior to registration until successful completion of the developmental education program or until students re-test out of developmental education. The counselors and advisors at EPCC will assist you in understanding which developmental courses must be completed to meet your degree requirements. 



 Developmental Course Sequence

Developmental courses at EPCC will improve your ability to be successful in college level courses. Click on the link below to learn more about the developmental courses available in math, reading, and writing.

Math Developmental Sequence (PDF)
Reading/Writing Developmental Sequence (PDF)


Get Your Degree Courses Faster (PDF)

     Pretest Retest Educational Program (PDF)


 Programs to Improve Student Success

Many students struggle with the academic demands of college. If you need some help managing your classes, please click on the link below to learn about some of EPCC's support services.



 Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative requires testing, remediation and advising of all students who attend a public college or university in Texas. The program assesses a student’s ability to perform effectively in college-level course work.