Degree Analysis Instructions

 Steps to Degree Evaluation

Please follow the steps below to see your degree completion. Every class that you have completed will have a "Y" next to it (and if you are currently enrolled in the course there will be an "R" on the right side). All courses that you have not completed or have registered into will have an "N". The courses with an "N" are the classes that you still need to complete your degree. Please see a counselor if you have any questions.


1.     Go to EPCC website

2.     Click on Admission/Registration

3.     Under “How to Enroll” right below All Students, click on Banner System

4.     Enter your Student ID number

5.     Enter your birthday MMDDYY on Pin

6.     Click on Student & Financial Aid

7.     Click on Student Records

8.     Click on My Degree Analysis

9.     Select current term, press Submit

10.   Click on What-if Analysis

11.   Select term current term, press Continue

12.   Select program you’re interested in completing, press Continue

13.   Under First Major, select program in dropdown box, press Submit

14.   Press Generate Request