Center for Students with Disabilities


CSD Mural

For students that desire extra assistance due to a disability, we have a Center for Students with Disabilities at every campus, except for the Fort Bliss center. You will be able to receive career counseling, advising, and registration assistance from the CSD staff.


Please visit the Center for Students with Disabilities website for more information.

 CSD Counselors

Carmen AttarValle VerdeMonday - Friday(915) 831-2426
Bill RobnettValle VerdeMonday, Tuesday, Thursday (PM), & Friday(915) 831-2426
Alma ValadezTransmountainMonday - Friday(915) 831-5808
Martha OlivaresRio GrandeTuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Thursday (PM)(915) 831-4198
Martha Olivares NorthwestMonday & Thursday (AM)(915) 831-8815
Bill Robnett Mission Del PasoWednesday & Thursday (AM)(915) 831-7024