Indoor Firing Range
Our state-of-the-art firing range is open to the public
This 25-yard indoor range features 20 shooting booths separated by armor plated walls.
  • The range is capable of handling ammunition up to 50 caliber.
  • Range A consists of booths 1-10, and is designed for handgun shooting only.
  • Range B consists of booths 11-20, and can accommodate handgun, shotgun and rifle, both from the booth and also tactical shooting down range.


The range is open to the general public:
Hours of Operation:
  • Monday - Friday | 5:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday | 9:00am - 4:00pm
Range Use Charges:
  • $30 for 8 visits
  • $50 for 40 visits

Availability subject to change - call 915-831-7118 prior to visiting.

Range use is permitted for the following:

  • Federal Agents
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officers
  • Active Military
  • Any person with formal firearms training.
    • i.e. CHL, current or prior Law Enforcement/Level III Security License, etc.
The range is also available to all local law enforcement agencies - municipal, state and federal - on a contract basis.
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