Law Enforcement Training Academy
Basic Peace Officer Program

The Basic Peace Officer Course prepares students to enter directly into the Law Enforcement field as an entry-level Police Officer, Deputy, Constable or other Peace Officer in Texas. The program has also been recognized in New Mexico to enable applicants to take the Licensing Examination. Entry-level Peace Officer positions range from $25,000 to $35,000 on average.


The program is divided into four consecutive courses of 176 hours in length. The entire program covers a minimum of 704 contact hours.

Goal of this program is to provide qualified applicant pool for all state and local law enforcement agencies in the region. Graduates may apply for positions anywhere in Texas. In addition, we hope to help facilitate each student’s long-term career in the field of law enforcement.


Apprenticeship Programs:
Graduates will receive further Field Officer training (OJT) through local agencies as part of their continued development.


 Courses Offered

The Basic Peace Officer Course is offered as a 20-hour per week evening course beginning three times per year: January, June and September. A 40-hour per week daytime program is offered each January and June.

 Job Opportunities

Many of the local area law enforcement agencies are below their authorized staffing levels and are actively seeking qualified candidates. These agencies include the police departments of Anthony, El Paso, Horizon, and Socorro, as well as the local school districts with full time police departments.