Industry and Professional Training

 Floral Design Certificate

The Floral Design Certificate program is intended for those students with a desire to create beautiful floral arrangements and become a member of the amazing floral industry.

Successful completion will enable you to :

  • Recognize and create basic floral designs.
  • Describe the evolution of floral design.
  • Understand basic flower shop operations.
  • Understand pricing and sales techniques.
  • Recognize commercially available flowers, foliage, and plants.


The Professional Floral Design Certificate program is intended for those with creative nature and has a strong desire to own or work in a florist shop. This program is designed to meet your needs.

Successful completion will enable you to:

  • Recognize and create the basic floral design shapes for weddings, funeral flowers and corsages.

  • Apply color theory by use of the color wheel, recognize and use the various color schemes in floral presentation.

  • Identify specific flowers used in weddings, funerals, contemporary designs.

  • Write a wedding proposal describing flowers, colors, and pricing.

  • Work with percentages as related to basic costs and profit margins used in a flower shop.

  • Identify sources of the world flower market; foreign flowers, importers, growers, wholesale florists, mass marketers, and retail florists.

  • Describe marketing and sales promotion; create a flow chart for management of a retail florist shop.

To earn a certificate, students must complete the following Continuing Education courses:

  • Professional Floral Design I

  • Professional Floral Design II

  • Advanced Wedding Design

  • Advanced Funeral and Contemporary Design

Exams are given after each unit.  Course content and exams are in English.