Children's College
Student Conduct and Policies

 Student Conduct

Children's CollegeSince the purpose of Children’s College is to provide an enrichment program, proper standards of conduct are necessary to protect the health, safety and well-being of all Children’s College students.

  • Behavior that might interfere with the educational process is unacceptable. 
  • Students will be respectful of other students and staff. 
  • Students will be careful with college equipment, property, and the property of other students.
  • Safety of students is our first responsibility. Students MAY NOT GO ANYWHERE on campus without being accompanied by a staff member.
  • Parents will be contacted if their child is involved in any unacceptable situations during the day.
  • Appropriate staff members, have the right, at any time, to exclude any child from activities due to failure or inability to follow, as directed, any and all rules and/or policies for participants.

 Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

El Paso Community College is NOT responsible for children on campus other than the schedule time of the course/workshop/camp/activity, that he or she is registered for. It is STRONGLY encouraged you escort your child to the schedule class or activity and pick them up promptly at the conclusion of the class or activity.  Please make sure that your child knows their schedule and also make sure that your child knows where to wait for you. Security is essential to the safety of your children during Children’s College and we appreciate your cooperation with the campus police officers.